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How to choose the suitable protective lens for laser cutting? how to operate correctly?

November 6, 2020

When the laser cutting machine cuts metal materials, the working surface will release a lot of gas, slag and spatter, and the protective lens is used to protect the aggregation lens from damage in the cutting process. Of course, it is not only used in laser cutting machine, but also used in laser welding, marking, carving and other laser equipment, so the market of protective lens is very strong.


Behind the strong market demand, there are usually uneven product prices and quality. There are dozens to hundreds of protective lenses on the market, of course, behind the price difference is the disparity in quality. Therefore, it is very important for metal processing enterprises to choose lenses with good quality and low laser loss.


In addition to the size matching, it is also necessary to select the suitable material of the protective lens and the technical parameters of the laser antireflection coating according to the actual cutting environment and laser cutting power.



If purchasing protective lenses is a mental work, then using protective lenses is a technical job.


During the installation and cleaning process of protective lens, any sticky substance or even oil drops on fingernails will increase the absorption rate of the lens and reduce its service life. Therefore, the cleaning of lenses should not be ignored

1. The installation must be carried out with gloves and no fingerprints should be left;

2. Don't let anything scratch the surface of lens;

3. When taking the lens, hold the edge of the lens with both hands, and do not touch the film layer;

4. Clean the lens with clean tissue paper, test paper and optical grade solvent;