Dia 18.5mm Plano Convex Quartz Laser Focusing Lens

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Shaanxi,China(Mainland)
Brand Name: WEIMENG
Certification: CE,ISO9000
Model Number: WM-C-067
Minimum Order Quantity: 10 pcs
Packaging Details: 10*10*15 carton packed
Delivery Time: 8 days
Payment Terms: T/T,paypal
Supply Ability: 1000 pcs per day
Detail Information
Name: Laser Focusing Lens Focal Length: 180
Shape: Plano-convex Coating: 1064nmAR
Tolearance: ±0.1mm Application: Laser Cutting Machine/laser Welding Machine
Color: Clear Transmittance: >95%
Material: Imported Quartz Diameter: 18.5mm
High Light:

Dia 18.5mm Laser Focusing Lens


Plano Convex Laser Focusing Lens


15KW Laser Focusing Lens

Product Description

Quartz Laser Focusing Lens Dia:18.5mm. FL=180 laser focus mirror laser machine



Name Laser focusing mirror
Wavelength 1064nmAR
Material Imported Quartz
Size 18.5mm
Focus length 180
Laser power 0-15KW,(choose different types of different power)
Application laser welding machine/laser cutting machine/laser head machine
Function Protect pricy laser optics against damage from material splatter and dust,due to the AR coating on the surface is designed according to the working wavelength of the laser machine, so the laser protective windows can extend teh service life of the laser machine, reduces the Use-cost


The focusing mirror is one of the important parts of the laser marking machine, the purpose is to focus the laser on the marking plane of the entire workpiece. Its performance indicators mainly include the following:

   1. Scanning range. The larger the area that the lens can scan, the more popular it is of course. But if you blindly increase the scanning area, it will bring a lot of problems. Such as the light spot becomes thicker, the distortion increases and so on.

   2. Focal length (has a certain relationship with the working distance, but not equal to the working distance).

  A. The scanning range is proportional to the focal length of the field lens-an increase in the scanning range will inevitably lead to an increase in the working distance. The increase of the working distance will inevitably lead to the loss of laser energy.

  B. The diameter of the focused spot is proportional to the focal length. This means that when the scanning area reaches a certain level, the obtained spot diameter is very large, that is to say, the laser power density drops very quickly (the power density is inversely proportional to the 2nd power of the spot diameter). Conducive to processing.

  C. Since the F-Theta field lens uses the relationship of y'=f*θ to work, the actual values ​​of θ and tgθ are still different. And as the focal length f increases, the degree of distortion will increase.

   3. Working wavelength. At present, most of the ones used in the market are 1064nm and 10600nm. But with the development of later lasers, 532nm, 355nm and 266nm field lenses will also have corresponding applications.


Three steps of cleaning:


1. Protect the lens, which is brittle and afraid of falling; pay attention when disassembling: do not use too much force, and cannot collide with hard objects. There is a coating on the surface, which is afraid of pollution, humidity, oiliness, and scratching; therefore, it is required to provide dry and degreasing air during work. Do not directly handle the laser cutting machine to protect the lens of the lens, because skin oil will affect Sexual damage to the lens surface. On the contrary, you can wear gloves and its special set for operation. For small lenses, it is convenient to use optical tweezers or vacuum tweezers. No matter what method is used to clamp the protective lens of the laser cutting machine, it can only be clamped along the non-optical surface, such as the frosted edge of the mirror plaque.


2. Under normal circumstances, it is necessary to check the condition of the laser cutting machine to protect the lens before use and before and after cleaning. Because most contaminants and surface defects are relatively small in size, we often need to use magnifying equipment when inspecting lenses. In addition to magnifying equipment, sometimes we also need to illuminate the optical surface with a relatively bright light to enhance the specular reflection intensity of surface contaminants and defects, so that contaminants and defects can be easily found.


3. When cleaning a laser cutting machine to protect the lens, clean wipe paper and optical-grade solvent are often used to prevent damage by other pollutants. The wipe paper must be moistened with a suitable solvent, and it must not be used dry. In consideration of softness, it can be cleaned with pure cotton wipes or cotton balls, lens tissues and cotton swabs, etc.

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