80*80*6mm Quartz JGS1 CCD Optical Lens For Visual Marking Laser Machine

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China(Mainland)
Brand Name: WEIMENG
Certification: CE,ISO
Model Number: WM-P-010
Minimum Order Quantity: 10 pcs
Packaging Details: carton packed
Delivery Time: within 5 days
Payment Terms: T/T, payapl
Supply Ability: 10000pcs/month
Detail Information
Dimension: 80*80*6mm Material: Quartz
Degree: 45 Degree Type: CCD Lens
Application: Visual Marking Shape: Square
Usage: Optical Chamfer: 3mm*45 Degree
High Light:

Quartz JGS1 CCD Optical Lens


Marking Laser Machine CCD Optical Lens


80*80*6mm CCD Optical Lens

Product Description

80*80*6mm Imported Quartz JGS1 CCD Lens optical lenses visual marking laser machine




CCD lenses

Magnagon lenses for chargecoupled devices (CCDs) are used in image processing applications to meet demand for high imaging quality. The lenses show very low flare, low chromatic aberration, and are free of vignetting for the entire magnification scale.


The machine vision detection system uses CCD camera to convert the detected object into image signal and transmit it to special image processing system. According to the information of pixel distribution, brightness and color, it is transformed into digital signal. The image processing system performs various operations on these signals to extract the characteristics of the target, such as area, quantity, position and length, and then according to the preset allowable degree and its The output results of other conditions, including dimensions, angles, number of items, qualified / unqualified, yes / no, etc., can realize automatic identification function.


Name CCD Lens
Size 80*80*6mm
Coating Type 1:S1:420-580HR 650&1064HT S2: 650&1064AR
Type 2:S1:420-680HR 1064HT S2: 1064AR
Type3: S1:420-580HR 355&650HT S2:355&650AR
Type 4:S1:650&1064HR 420-580HT S2:420-580AR
Type 5:S1:355HR 400-700HT S2:400-700AR
Type 6: S1:1064HR 400-700HT S2:400-700AR
Type 7:S1:650HR 355-532HT S2:355-532AR
Type 8:S1:650HR 355HT  S2:355AR
Type 9:S1:355HR 650HT  S2:650AR
Type10:S1:650HR 1064HT S2:1064AR
Type 11:S1:532HR 400-700HT S2:400-700AR
Type 12: S1:532&1064HR 400-700HT S2:400-700AR
Material Quartz
Application CCD camera, CCD visual marking, and so on 




1.Imaging process

CCD is transferred by frame or line under the coordination of synchronous signal and clock signal. The whole circuit is very complex and the readout rate is slow


It is difficult to integrate a / D conversion, signal processing, automatic gain control, precision amplification and storage functions into a single chip because of the complexity of CCD readout circuit with special manufacturing process. Generally, it needs multiple chip combination to realize, and also needs a multi-channel non-standard power supply voltage. With the help of large scale integrated manufacturing process

3.Power and volume

CCD needs a variety of power supply, power consumption is large, the volume is relatively large.

4.Performance index

CCD technology is quite mature






What is a CCD in a camera?

A charge-coupled device (CCD) is an integrated circuit containing an array of linked, or coupled, capacitors. Under the control of an external circuit, each capacitor can transfer its electric charge to a neighboring capacitor. CCD sensors are a major technology used in digital imaging



80*80*6mm Quartz JGS1 CCD Optical Lens For Visual Marking Laser Machine 080*80*6mm Quartz JGS1 CCD Optical Lens For Visual Marking Laser Machine 1







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